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Launch of Concerned Health Professionals Ireland. (CHPI) Board Room Buswells Hotel, May 18th, 12.30-2pm

Health professionals have come increasingly to the forefront of the fight against Unconventional Gas Exploration and Extraction (UGEE) commonly known as Fracking. They are armed only with their concern for their patients and the best evidence based literature.

In 2011 health professionals in New York formed The Concerned Health Professionals of New York, and built a petition of like-minded professionals to stress to government their concerns in relation to the growing documented harms of fracking. Their work along with the on-going invaluable work of Nobel prize winning Physicians for Social Responsibility in compiling and updating peer reviewed research from many of the leading journals about the harm that Fracking can cause, has been instrumental in helping educate and convince New York legislators to ban fracking in that state.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Concerned Health Professionals of Ireland (CHPI). The CHPI aims to provide a growing platform to provide information and give health professionals in Ireland a voice in relation to fracking. On May 18th in the boardroom of Buswells Hotel in Dublin the steering committee of CHPI including Dr Paula Gilvarry, Public Health doctor (retired), Dr Carroll O Dolan, General Practitioner and Susan Carton, Lecturer in Health and Disability Studies, will address a press conference for the media and interested politicians. There will also be a launch of the new website and petition.

For an interview with a representative of CHPI please contact

Concerned Health Professionals of Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) exists to highlight the public health risks and harms that High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) and the exploration & extraction of Oil & Gas from shale rock pose to the people of Ireland.

As health professionals, we have dedicated our working lives to serve and care for the people of Ireland. We feel it is critical that the public health and safety of our communities is taken into consideration in relation to any energy policy for the island and particularly with regard to proven risk-carrying activities such as fracking.

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